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About Us

We Build for People

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C2G Civil Consultants Group, Inc.

C2G is one of the leading engineering firms in the South Bay Area, providing site development, land surveying, residential development, urban design, engineering consulting, land planning, utility plans, public works engineering, school design and construction.

The People

At C2G you will find people who enjoy their work and the camaraderie of their co-workers. We take pride in ourselves and are passionate about our respective fields. We are a company that invests in the education and retention of quality people, bringing the best and the brightest to your project.

The Work

C2G’s project list includes schools, parks, large master-planned communities, multi-family developments, commercial centers, industrial complexes, medical facilities, roadways, and utility infrastructure. We are committed to the long-term welfare of the communities in which we work – because we live, work and play here, too. We enjoy projects that make a contribution to the future of our children, and we are proud of our reputation for quality that reflects in these accomplishments.

The Teamwork

C2G is part of a much larger team. We collaborate with fellow professionals to bring out the best in every job we do, and to make a valuable contribution to every team we join. For C2G, teamwork is always about collaboration, consensus building and achieving the highest and best results for the client.


Our clients know they can depend on us, and continually use our services on subsequent projects. Their repeat business demonstrates that we have earned their respect and confidence. At C2G, we invest in your success, and we deliver. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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